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Drop Shipping &
Branded Packaging

Shipping orders directly from PrintsWell to your customer is a breeze. We can add your branding to package for that special touch at no additional cost.

Drop Shipping

All you need to do to ship directly to your customer is enter your customer’s address on the order submission page under the “Custom Ship To” dropdown option. This creates a one time shipping address. Invoices or pricing are never sent in any of our packages. All invoices are sent via email.

Standing out from competitors can make a big difference. Applying your branding to drop shipped packages promotes your business and creates brand loyalty. The best part? Application of branding is provided free of charge to all of our Fulfillment partners.

Begin Branding with Fulfillment


Order your items through us! Place your order for any branding stickers, business cards or drop-in cards you would like to use. Indicate in the invoice memo that you want us to hold items in house for branding purposes and where a sticker should be applied (shipping box or product), if applicable.

Select FOR BRANDED PACKAGING as the delivery method to remove the shipping charges.

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The Details of Branding


You design the items you would like added to your orders. After you place your order for those items we then keep those items in-house. Tell us the specifics on how you want your orders branded then you can choose to drop ship orders with your branding material. We do the rest.

As a standard we place the stickers on the back of the bag or box, but we can also place them on the shipping container at your request. We will use branding on any of your drop-shipped orders. Orders shipping back to you will not receive branding unless requested.

We will apply up to three different branding materials to your orders. For example, one sticker per packaged item, one drop-in card, and one sticker on the shipping container. We only offer one drop-in card and the application of one shipping container sticker per order.


The most common sizes used for branding are 2’’ round and square stickers as well as 2 x 3.5 business cards; however, any size available through Fulfillment can be used.

How to Add Branding to Your Order

Once you place your branding order and it has been fulfilled, we will set up your account so that you may select Branded Packaging once you enter in a custom shipping address on our ordering portal. This will let us know to utilize branding for your drop shipped order.

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Apply for a wholesale account

One of our representatives will send your login information within 1 business day.