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Foil File Setup

PrintsWell offers hot foil stamping. Hot foil stamping is a lithography process that uses a heated copper die plate to press metal foil onto premium card stock creating a dimensional look text and artwork alike.
Foil stamping can be done on top of digital printing for an elevated look!

For production purposes, foil stamp products must be submitted with three different files.

Digital Print File(s)

Foil File

shape, background pattern

Preview File

shape, background pattern, arrow

File 1: Digital Print File

This PDF file contains any artwork elements that will be digitally printed. It does not include any foil elements.

Digital Print Files can be supplied 3 ways:

  • 1  page PDF for front printed only items
  • 2 page PDF that includes the front and back file
  • 2 separate PDFs – one for each side of the cover stock

File 2: Foil File

This PDF will be a 1 page file that contains only the foil elements on the item. We will use this file to create your foil die that stamps into the product.
This file must vector and 100% Key Black. 

  • All text must be outlined
  • NO image files allowed (i.e. jpg, tiff, or png)
  • Please do not include any extra pages or artwork that is not a part of the foil die.
  • If the foil design goes to the edge of the card, the file must include a bleed.
  • Once the die is created, changes are not possible.
  • Please note: The minimum line weight for foil stamping is 0.003 inches or 0.8mm
    and 0.007 inches or 0.178mm for reverse-out weight. (Reverse-out is the thinness of the area that has the absence of foil with foil stamped around it.)
  • What we expect as vector file: vector artwork is art that’s made up of vector graphics. These graphics are points, lines, curves and shapes that are based on mathematical formulas. When you scale a vector image file, it isn’t low resolution and there is no loss of quality, so you can size it to however large or small you need it to be. 
graphical user interface

File 3: Preview File

This file should show the expected outcome of the final product. The PDF should display the digital printing and foil files combined. This file is used as a visual reference to ensure the print files submitted can achieve the desired look.

Note: Your reference file needs to be exported with a bleed area. It will not upload to our ordering system if incorrectly sized. 

shape, background pattern, arrow

Folded Cards

Folded Cards can only be foil stamped on the front panel once folded.

Delayed Foil Orders

Here is a list of reasons why your foil order may be delayed:
•Shifting of text and/or artwork between all 3 files.
• Elements of the foil file are not vector.
• Foil file is a multi-page pdf.
• Artwork from foil file is over the score line on a folded card.
• Text on the foil file are not outlined.
• Foil file is not 100% Key Black.
•You are reusing a die, but the files uploaded do not match the die.
•You are reusing a die, but the files uploaded are a different size than the original.

Please note: If there is an error on your order that does not involve foil die, we cannot refund the cost of the die.

The PrintsWell Difference

After you order your custom die with us, we will store non-personalized dies for use on future orders. The foil placement and card size/type must be the same, but all digital files and foil color can be changed to create a new look!

Turnaround Time

Due to the labor-intensive nature of Foil Stamping, Rush Production is not available.
Consider selecting a faster shipping method for quicker delivery. 

Custom Foil Stamping Turnaround

3-5 Business Days
Rush Production is not available.

Reorder using your existing die

2-3 Business Days
Rush Production is not available.

Design Tips

• Foil Stamped cards can be digitally printed front and back.
• Foil Stamping is only available on one panel of the card.
• All fonts must be outlined.
• Artwork for dies must be vector.
• Image files CANNOT be used to create a die- i.e., no jpg, tiff, or png.

• Like our digitally printed products, PrintsWell has a shift allowance of up to 1/16 of an inch shift in the final product. You can checkout our Designing with Production in Mind Guide for more information about accommodating a potential shift.

Online Ordering

• Foil Stamping is only available using the New Ordering Portal.
•Look for the two product types Foil Stamped Flat and Foil Stamped Folded Cards.
• New custom die charges are added on the foil stamping tab within the product.

Available Foil Colors

bubble chart
Foil Stamping Sizes & Die Pricing
Flat Cards
Die Size Pricing
2.375x4.75 Gift Tag 170
2.5x3.5 130
2x3.5 130
3.5x4.875 140
3.5x5 140
3.875x9.25 140
4x4 130
4x11 155
4.25x5.5 155
4.5x6.25 185
4.75x6.75 185
5.25x5.25 180
5x7 175
5.25x7.875 190
5.5x7.875 200
5.5x8.5 165
6.25x6.25 150
8x8 185
8x10 225
Folded Cards*
Die Size Pricing
3.5x4.875 140
3.875x9.25 140
4.25x5.5 165
4.5x6.25 175
5x7 175
5.625x7.75 200
5.5x8.5 200
5.25x5.25 (Trifold) 180
5x7 (Z-Fold) 175

* Folded cards are stamped on one panel only.

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